Sarbanes-Oxley is over, you can throw away your data now

Well at least it’s getting closer to the time that non-US companies need to be compliant with Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. They really have some time and have been aware of it for a while now.

Just in case there are companies who are still working on compliance, here is an interesting read that may just convince you to thow away your pesky data and buy less storage. HDS’s CTO has an interesting perspective on things, my favorite quote is

“I don’t believe in technology for technology’s sake,” he says. “I’m more of an engineer than a scientist looking at technology — you have to understand what the customer is trying to achieve, above all.”

The age old toss up of what makes more sense when trying to innovate, come up with a great idea and build a customer need….. OR …….ask your customer what they want and build to those specifications. Both are valid options, you need the million dollar computer science projects that fail so that you can come up with the single billion dollar project that pays for them.

The relation here, is having gigabytes and terabytes of data sitting around may be for more then a simple technology reason. Yes customers need to demand that storage vendors sell only the right amount of capacity on the correctly priced media. I think Hu Yoshida’s point is that vendors need to be aware of this and for the most part they already are, the ILM strategies are being touted by all the major players. Creative ways to buy what you need and grow it as necessary is something that is happening now.

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