Sentencing is today!!

pray, hope, wish, or think about justice today!

No playing with computers today, no talking to customers, no developing solutions or strategies, I’m off for the day!! I will be at the King County Courthouse supporting my wonderful Sister Avi and helping to ensure justice is given to the Drunk Driver who took her young life from us last year. I have talked to so many of you through this time through your emails, phone calls, and blogs. I appreciate the support and sincerity in your thoughts and actions. We are hoping for a strict sentencing today as it is this guy’s third drunk driving infraction and his second DWI accident.

I know many of you wrote letters the other day when I first posted about the sentencing and that was truly appreciated. You have done more then we could have done alone and I truly thank you for that.

Others have donated to Javier’s fund and as a person who believes in the value of quality upbringing and education, I truly believe that this is an area that will make a difference in the world. Javier has a great perspective on life and only we educated, capable adults can enable him to make a difference in his community and in our world.

For everyone else who has simply sent their condolences……..well, I never thought you would, so your thoughts are appreciated more then I can verbally express. Thank you for your candor and your generosity of heart, it is truly unmatched.

I’ll let you know the outcome in a few days, as there is some other family in town to show their support and posts may be delayed……

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