Upcoming Events

Wow, it’s been so busy…..I almost forgot to post about upcoming events!!

Check out the series of webcasts….

Ferris Research’s David Ferris will host another Emerging Messaging Technologies Webinar in May

  • May 16th, 2007 @ 8:30am pacific

Osterman Research’s Michael Osterman will host a webinar titled Exchange 2007 – Approaching email Utopia

  • April 26th, 2007 (today) @ 10am pacific

Of course there are the Exchange/UC/Office/Mobility events that Eileen is keeping tabs on (thanks Eileen!!)

Don’t forget EMC World 2007, May 21st-24th in Orlando…..I’ll be blogging more about this one

The next Exchange User Group meeting? Yeah I know it’s already April…..we have been having some issues getting the next one together. Do you want to come speak at or host a meeting? I’ll bring Exchange Users & give-aways….. contact me!

Seattle Mind Camp 4.0! <- I’m going to this one, are you?

  • July 1st – 2nd

Gnomedex 7.0 <- Hmm, haven’t been to this, do any non- A-listers actually go? it’s $500 and there is NO agenda posted!!

  • August 9th – 11th

Seattle Geek Dinner <- not setup yet….

  • …but Hugh Macleod will be in town May 2nd-6th and may cause a dinner….
  • …. Anil and I also want to hook up a dinner for the storage bloggers

Perhaps the two events will meet, or be different events, or not happen at all, in any case it will be fun……are you interested?

Quentin’s Birthday!! <- He’ll be a whole nine years old!!

  • May 7th!!! – had to put a life event in 🙂

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