What happened to Seattle's Lunch 2.0?

Those guys down south are going crazy with Lunches almost every week!! They’ve had Ning, Jumpcut, Simplyhired. Next there are lunches at Microsoft (um, why isn’t Microsoft hosting a Greater Seattle Lunch!), of course Socializr on the 12th…

Not to worry, if your on the list you can come to Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Zillow….

I just confirmed today that the food will be great and the attendee list is looking very sharp. Of course there will be a couple speakers – that you don’t want to miss –

  • Rich Barton, CEO of Zillow & Venture Partner at Benchmark Capital, will speak about how the VC Industry views Web 2.0 companies.
  • John Cook, Business Reporter for the Seattle PI, has agreed to participate in a Q&A to answer questions about what catches his eye and makes a story. 
  • The list of people watching at upcoming.org is growing fast too (there are more people who want to go then are being let in the door!!) so if your not going to make it…let me know – Josh Maher @ hotmail . com – there are loads of people trying to get in!!

    Of course for those of you who can’t get in and don’t get a call or an email from me…..stay tuned there is another on the way!

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