Wishing you had Lunch @ Wishpot!!

Wishpot signs

Wow what a great event at Wishpot today!! After everyone found the place and got some of the best lasagna EVER!! We got to chatting and I met all sorts of new people Marcelo from Sampa, Kevin from blist, and Hans from Entering Startup along with way too many others. I was having a great time enjoying the people, conversations, food and beer……

Beer 2.0?Before the bubble

Then we got into some presentations and demos. I was really anxious for the Zenzui demo at the end because I hadn’t gotten a good overview of how their app works before. Then Max started talking about Wishpot…. Then he announced their new Facebook app had just been completed!!! What?! John missed the scoop and it looks like I’ve got it here – and at a lunch 2.0 event!! We’re setting the bar even higher now. After Max went through how this thing works and I stopped being in shock I got anxious to run home and add the app.

MaxWishpot on Facebook

After Max was done, I thought I wouldn’t be able to pay enough attention…. then Joe from Snapvine got up and began to give us the run down… they are hiring…. they are a service targeted at teens… they deal with voice messaging…. they make money by participating in joint advertising campaigns with major labels (Warner Brothers, Coca Cola, etc). He started explaining how they are using their service to attract teenage girls to voices of their favorite actor in an upcoming movie, and how they are making money on what we thought of as silly teenage fantasizing….. I was unfortunately too impressed with the idea that I didn’t take any pictures – but I hear a facebook app for them isn’t too far off….

Finally Zenzui topped off the presentations…. Zenzui said they were hiring – and WOW! I know there has been a lot of information out there about Zenzui because they are an MS Research spinoff…. but did you know they are an MS Research spinoff with no ties to MS? They own ALL the IP – They don’t have an MS employees on the board – They will target NON-Microsoft devices (yeah it will work with blackberries). Wow, this company has a little more going for it then I thought! I also heard mention of some activity from them at my friend Chris’s event next week – if your a developer or company with a widget you should find them while they are there!! Not sure if they will be at the afterparty though

Zenzui demoZenzui is hiring

So the event was a huge success…. again!! The other news? Yes there is another event scheduled!! September 12th Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Cardomain!! We can’t let those California techies show us up…. I heard the first LA event is almost scheduled already and the SF area already has a ton of upcoming events (AOL in Mountain View, Powerset in SF, Plaxo in SVC) – I’ll be sure to post the registration on upcoming.org and I’ll let everyone know when that happens. I highly encourage you to attend if you haven’t before there!!

Wishpot signs

Also FYI – all Seattle Lunch 2.0 events, notices, pictures etc should be tagged with “Lunch20-Seattle” & “SeattleLunch20” to make them easier for everyone to find…

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  1. terry chay

    “also” be tagged, in addition to “Lunch20” 😉

  2. Brian Keith

    It was glorious, and I am still full.

  3. Cindy Spodek Dickey

    Thanks for organizing Josh – we really enjoy these and look forward to the next one!

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