Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Adobe!!

I am finally going to officially announce Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Adobe!!

This should be an excellent event and some of you have already picked up on the fact that it is on already!! So here’s the deal, keep filling up the watchers list and we should be able to keep adding seats!! The details are on the wiki too! I’ve also heard rumors of live streaming & multiple Adobe locations!! This event should be a great event to attend!!!

Of course if you wanted to warm up and get your feet wet in a Lunch 2.0 before the Adobe Lunch….. The lunch on  September 12th @ Cardomain will be phenomenal as well!! We all know Cardomain will be hosting the event.  But now we know they have a rooftop deck with sweeping views of Seattle and Lake Union!! We also know the topic will be building long term social networking communities and we’ll have a few seasoned pros at this to talk about it!! There will be some fine Indian Cuisine for everyone to enjoy, and of course the usual hords of geeky people to meet!! I’m not sure what to do, too many great lunches in such a short amount of time!!

And if you forgot like I did – Nathan over at nPost has another event tomorrow night in Vancouver with Free Beer if you are on the market for a job, are bored on Wednesday, or just want to go meet the community (sorry Nathan for missing the event, I guess I have an hour left to go, but I’m home already)!!

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