Another great Seattle Lunch 2.0!!

I enjoyed the latest in the Seattle Lunch 2.0 Series yesterday. Ian from Portent Interactive shared a great chart based on years of research that showed different factors that drove time to conversion and conversion rates. It was interesting to see where blogs really placed in the whole picture….

Lots of sponsors

Besides Ian’s insight, Gregg Makuch from Widemile showed us how their product takes A/B testing for websites to the next level. They showed us a case study from the weather channel. The conversation got quite engaging when all of the techies and entreprenuers proved they didn’t know what captured the most attention of their potential audiences.

Gregg from Widemile

My friend John, didn’t like the food as much as I did, then again I didn’t try the salad, only one veggie wrap was left by the time I got to it 🙂 The good news is that Rylem sponsored a good portion of the food and didn’t even ask to speak!! After talking with Mike Dades over at Rylem about his strategy here, I realized that they simply are interested in fostering a great technology community in the Seattle area.

great conversations

Matt’s got a good write up too, perhaps he can convince Redfin to host one in the future!!

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  1. Brian Keith

    Josh, the chart Ian shared is here.

    See you at the next one!

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