Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ F5 – This Week!!

Yeah!! Lunch 2.0 is happening today!! At the usual time 11:30am to 1pm.

The Lunches continue despite Google not allowing me to take pictures at the Google Lunch 2.0…. F5 will be hosting lunch this week and the esteemed Scott Berkun will be talking for FREE!!! He will be giving a great talk on innovation….

Title: The myths of innovation
Description: This short, fun, interactive talk debunks innovation and creative thinking myths, and offers true stories from innovation history that will help you take creative risks today – bring your innovation and creative thinking questions. (Loosely based on the best selling book, The Myths of Innovation).

We are definitely lucky to have him come talk and if you make it, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the talk.

401 Elliott Avenue West
Seattle, Washington 98119

There will be free pizza in addition to the great talk and I hear a group of the F5 devs are going to join us for some conversations as well!

If you haven’t registered yet, there are still a few seats open….

For parking details:

There is a limited amount of for-fee parking available in the F5 parking garage. In the event that the garage is full, there is additional street-parking available to the east of Elliott Avenue on the north and south sides of Harrison Street.

Or take the bus…
Event Location:
When arriving at 401 Elliott, we will be meeting in the F5 Game Room located on the 1st Floor (street level). The elevators show F5 on the 4th Floor which is the F5 lobby. Disregard this and simply go to the 1st Floor. There will be signs showing you where to go from there.

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