Another Great Seattle Lunch 2.0

Another Great Seattle Lunch 2.0 over at Cooley this afternoon!! Icebreaker had a great presentation and now we at Seattle Lunch 2.0 are looking for more hosts and sponsors. What a better time then now to kick down a couple hundred dollars, talk a bit about your company, and meet up with the cream of the crop around Seattle?

If a company is still in business, they probably have staying power (and you probably want to partner with them)…

If you need more employees (most of the best that are looking now will be snatched up soon, so you’d better meet them while you can)!

If you just want to check out the seattle scene, network, hear a good demo, or give a good demo – this is a great place to do it. Of course we need sponsors to help keep the ball rolling. If you’re interested don’t hesitate to reach out!!

Yes, I finally broke down and changed the domain 🙂 – new email address too!!

Won’t be long before I move this blog to it’s real domain name and off of 🙂

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  1. Eric

    Great work as usual — thanks for having us host. Good people, good conversation, and a good evening. Thanks!

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