Obey The Decider

A quick update on the team I’m on for Seattle Startup Weekend 2:

It’s getting near lunch time and you just finished a meeting or a long coding session. Now your stomach starts to growl and you need to decide where to go eat…. and fast. You think about going across the street to the same old sandwich shop but are getting tired of the white bread they use.

…..enter…. THE DECIDER!!

Obey The Decider

Open www.obeythedecider.com and find a recommendation of where to go for lunch for your neighborhood.

The page offers a decision on the right place to go for lunch and you know the food will be good, you also know you may run into a fellow decidee at the restaurant as The Decider makes the same recommendation for everyone on the same day/neighborhood/time. You may run into a fellow person obeying The Decider.

Once lunch is over and you need a happy hour decision – Obey The Decider. Need to meet someone for coffee and can’t decide where to go – Obey The Decider. After work, need a new bar to get drinks? – Obey The Decider.

Written in PHP and using Yelp to get ratings, locations, and neighborhoods – The Decider will generate a mob any day of the week, any time of day, and with the most interesting people!!

We have our server setup and have started defining the APIs we need to use and the code we need to write. We’ve divided up the backend and frontend work and are starting to progress.

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