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Thanks to the valiant efforts of Russ McIntosh from the Favor Wish team, Obey The Decider is making huge leaps on our front end. Russ cleaned up our homepage, designed us a second page and now Tom Music is taking those designs and making them work!!

Now that this Homepage is complete, Tom is taking Russ’s design for the second page and making it work.

Meanwhile Neeraj and Zach are putting our engine to work – the brains behind getting from the Homepage to the second page.¬†Zach has been diligently leveraging the Yelp API to grab the places, categorize them, make the returns random, and ensure the places are returned randomly within the correct timeframes. Of course there is a lot of secret sauce in the mix to make it work – but that is what makes The Decider authoritive. Neeraj has been taking these places that Zach’s Decider engine is deciding on and turning them into a place on a map that a decidee can use to actually go to the place.

Chad has been prepping a huge amount of critical pieces, from formation to licensing agreements, to Terms of use, to FAQs… the list goes on to ensure the team doesn’t end up liable and The Decisions are sound.

Time is running down, but we are confident for a 6pm Launch!!

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