Four Years of TechCafe

I can’t believe it, this summer marks the fourth year of TechCafe! We started with Seattle Lunch 2.0 as a copy of the Lunch 2.0 scene in the bay area and quickly found that Seattle tech culture was different and needed its own style of event. As things changed, Seattle Lunch 2.0 changed, and eventually became TechCafe.

We have had events all over the area, from startups working out of houses, to incubators, to Tech giants like Google & Microsoft. We have had conversations about funding, recruiting, marketing, formation, culture, APIs, SEO, iPhone v Android conversion, business models, etc. You name it, we’ve likely had a discussion about it over the last four years. Usually we try to land some swanky deck space for a summer location and for whatever reason, that didn’t happen (If you have a deck – let me know so we can make it happen next year!). I want to thank everyone in the Seattle Tech Community for making these events so useful (Can’t count the number of companies, jobs, investments, and other important relationships I have seen grow out of people attending these events), and allowing us to continue to shape part of the Seattle tech scene our own little way.

 This summer to show our appreciation to the Seattle  tech community we are partnering up with Udemy to try and create more Seattle entrepreneurs with successful businesses! We have a deal site of our own that is exclusive for this week only where we have convinced Udemy to offer you an exclusive 70% off of two of their courses.

The 1st, by Zed Shaw (the Yoda of Python), is “Learn Python the Hard Way”. The 2nd, by Bess Ho, is “Learn How to Build an iPhone or iPad App in Four Weeks.” Both courses are amazing because they don’t just teach you the theory behind coding, they actually force you to practice and write real apps. It’s what Zed calls learning “the hard way” and it works.

If you have an idea that you are trying to get off the ground but need some coding chops to start moving it forward – there is something to be said for taking four weeks to learn the skills to make it happen. Learn to Build iPhone and Web Apps in 4 Weeks– 70% off online courses with Udemy

This week only, we’ve convinced Udemy to bundle these courses together and give them away at a 70% discount. Grab both for $150 (retail value $500) at

Just think – next summer we’ll be out at your new company HQ having a good time like we did last week out at the TechCafe Happy Hour @TeachStreet. We had a good time, met some great people, and of course learned to Bollywood Dance! (Geekwire has the exclusive video)

Next week (6/30 @4:30PM) we will be down in the SODO neighborhood w/3R Technology and a couple of their partners Moose Logic & Bandwidth Advisors co-sponsoring the event. Always a good sign that the catering will be awesome!!

DON’T FORGET: When you get there, make sure to park on the east side of the building facing the railroad tracks. A lot of mapping software puts you in the alley – but the RR track side of the building is where all the parking is along with the entrance to the space.

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