Ongoing Pain

Well… the brace is off and I have been following the doctor’s orders:

  1. Live life as you would without the problem (back up to 11 mile runs & sub-9min miles)
  2. Lift whatever your arms can carry – WOW that hurts
  3. Keep stretching the wrist (almost back to where I was when I started)
  4. Stay off the pain killers – some days when my hand hurts too bad I wish I had saved some pills

Yeah, if you have been following my Run Your Age website, or at least were paying attention to my twitter feed, you would know that I now have enough time on my hands to go after my goal of running my age! In fact, my wonderful wife is supporting me so well in this goal that she is coaching my health, running technique, training schedule, and generally ensuring that I can actually achieve the goal. This is great as the doctor said to go for it, the problem is that this whole carving the bone part causes the pain to flair up (in a totally different location) at odd times where it wouldn’t have before. Suddenly I get shooting pains through my lower hand (right where the hand connects to the one forarm bone) and it really sucks.

Talking to the doc and various older family members who have had major reconstructive surgery, this is normal for reconstructive stuff – pain, pain, pain… at least for a year or so.

Well the good news is that it doesn’t really flair up while I am running or drinking (at least I don’t realize if it does). So I think I’ll be extra motivated to run my 31 miles this year. I am so confident I’ll hit it, I am considering taking sponsors for charity – Cancer really attacked my family this year so that seems to be the most likey place to put any funds I raise. Once I get more details I’ll let you know.

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  1. Jeremy Phillips

    I would be happy to sponsor you! Cancer bites.

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