TechCafe Happy Hour @BlueBoxGroup

I must say that I am pretty excited to go check out the event on Friday – nearly sold out (10 spots left)…

We have been planning this one for some time and can’t wait to see all the great people in the Seattle/Bellevue/Redmond tech community come out for Happy Hour. Last year was an awesome year for TechCafe events – so awesome we took a few months off from getting geeky with the best startups and technologists in the area – rest assured though we are back and planning a few awesome events. If you are interested in sponsoring or hosting one – let us know!

First up is one of our personal favorites. Blue Box Group! We have been watching this team grow for a while now and it has been a lot of fun, we first had an event with them when they moved to Seattle from Tacoma and now that they are growing and expanding (new east coast datacenter and new offices) we couldn’t wait to get into their new space and hear what all the excitement is about. I know they are hiring, I know they will have loads of free food & drinks, and I know that they will have swag…

With facts like that it is hard to avoid the obvious assumption that the event will be awesome! Plenty of cool hackers, startupers, founders, and people in the Seattle area tech community will be attending so if you want to get some free food/drinks, do some networking, and learn more about what is driving this awesome growth of a cool local startup – this is the place to be.

When – 2/24 @4:30PM

Where – Blue Box Group’s new swanky digs (register for details )


Co-sponsoring the event will be Colliers International (p.s. co-sponsored events are always better funded)!









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