TechCafe Happy Hour @Appature

As you may know, I run an event here in the Seattle area named TechCafe. It is a tech oriented event and mostly involves startups big and small in the area. We have been following one startup in Seattle more than any other. We partied on their roof four years ago. We heard them speak about fostering culture as they continued to grow the next year. They seemed to practice what they were preaching as they were still happily growing when we stopped back by their offices for a TechCafe Happy Hour kegger the following year.

This year, not to let good traditions die, we’re going to check in on Appature in their new swanky office space on 1st & Union. Chris Hahn (Appatures CTO) will chat a bit about how his team is using technology to change the face of healthcare marketing (If you haven’t heard Appature is owning this space). Of course we’ll have some food, some drinks, and an opportunity to meet some cool people in the Seattle tech community as well.

The event will be tomorrow (5/29) @4:30PM over at Appatures offices

It will definitely be an engaging event whether you are looking to work with Appature, love TechCafe events, or are just interested in seeing how they have progressed. We look forward to seeing you there!

The rest of the details and registration areĀ over at the TechCafe Upcoming Events Page

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