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I have a few more in the Investing Lessons from Venture Capitalists in the works and will post them in the coming weeks. Of course anyone interested in investing in public or private markets and businesses should look at more than just VCs for lessons. A few must read guides for investors – I have these on my Kindle and re-read them occasionally as the messages here are amazing reminders of what I need to focus on when evaluating companies and properties to invest in. I know that some of you just pick a few ETFs, participate in your employer’s ESPP and call it good (Don’t get me wrong – I love that strategy so long as you are not only betting on the company you work for and have other investments).

For the other readers though that are interested in really investing in a company or two beyond that it takes time to understand the company, the industry, and the value. It also takes patience to wait for the right price, stick through the media driven market mis-understanding of the price, and eventually turn profits. For those of you who think you have the patience and an interest in spending the time – refer to these as gentle reminders of what you are doing…

Charles Munger: A Lesson on Elementary, Worldly Wisdom As It Relates To Investment Management & Business

Damodaran’s Value Investing – Investing for Grown Ups

And don’t forget this great video on the process that Buffett uses:

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