TechCafe Launch Event

Do you have a product… even a minimally viable product that you are on the edge of showing to your peers? Do you want direct feedback from other developers, founders, and startup community members on what you have built, what you are launching?

Maybe you are way past that and have an awesome new version or application that you want to launch with some of the communities best and brightest. The next TechCafe will encompass just that and if you want to get in line to be the next great company to launch your product at a TechCafe Launch event you need to attend the first in the series on September 17th.

The idea comes from the demo series we did a year or so ago, but this time we are looking for people doing an early demo of their minimum viable product or launching a new version/product that is ready for the world to consume. The format will be pretty simple – 10min of launch, 2-3min of questions, and then the next presenter. We are shooting for three launches this time around with Josh Ledgard of KickoffLabs, Praveen Seshadri of 1Track , and Mohammad Al-Abdullah of Moalab. We will also have a special sneak peak of the next great thing from Puzzazz by Roy Leban!

What: TechCafe Launch Event

When: 09/17/2012 @5PM

Where: Eastside Incubator

RSVP (required) :

Cost: $10

The event will be out at Eastside Incubator’s new space with lots of room for parking, near transit & MSFT campus.

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