letters to my kids – learning by doing

I’ve been sending these letters to my kids for years and decided to start posting them here as well. I hope you enjoy the thoughts I’ve been sharing with my kids, you can follow them all in the series letters to my kids

Hey guys,

Here is an interesting story of a guy from Germany who had the opportunity to learn computer programming in an apprenticeship program vs. at a university. The key thing in the article that you should pay attention to is that he was only successful because he was able and willing to get out of his comfort zone and apply the skills he was learning to those situations.

The core of the lesson here is that it is important to be willing to get out of your comfort zone and see if you are ready to take on a new challenge. That is the only way the things you learn or your drive to succeed have an opportunity to shine. Staying inside of your comfort zone and never seeing how far you can go leads to the mediocrity that makes life boring and lacking the sense of excitement and achievement.

Think about it carefully – everything you’ve ever done (walking, playing music, reading, riding a bike, writing, etc.) have all been experiences that were outside of your comfort zone at the time you discovered you could do them. As you continue to pursue whatever it is in life you want to do, you need to think about the fact that you need to push yourself past your comfort zones to see how capable you really are.



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