The #1 Investing Lesson From Seth Levine

Seth recently wrote a blog post about the all the parties and events he is seeing in the startup industry, he rants and raves about the bullshit of the new tech bubble. It got me thinking though, what Seth was saying to all entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors is that the #1 thing to look at… the first bar that all investments should be able to hurdle is…

Invest in great companies

Now Seth doesn’t really qualify what a great company is or anything and only mentions the fact that investors are there to support people who are actually building great companies. This is different than the view that he indicates is becoming more common… that investors are just as hip as founders. Of course his evidence that investors think they are as hip as founders is the countless investor parties, video covers, etc.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be like the hip founders, but as investors it is more important to focus on making good investments and returning value on the money invested. If you happen to be a hipster as well then so be it…

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