N.W.A – Nerds with Apple?

In light of Dr. Dre’s amazing success as a Gangsta, Musician, Producer, product guy, and all around playa… I think he should get NWA back together for a celebration album…. perhaps rework some old songs like the awesome new De La Soul album…

Instead of “Straight Outta Compton” they could do… “Straight Outta Cuppertino”
Instead of “Fuck the Police” they could do… “Fuck tha IRS”
Instead of “Express Yourself” they could do… “Express your wealth”
Instead of “Gangsta, Gangsta” they could do… “Banka, Banka”
Instead of “100 Million Miles and Runnin” they could do… “1 Billion dollars from Apple”
Instead of “Dopeman” they could do… “Appman”
Instead of “I Ain’t the 1” they could do… “I am Tha 1”
Instead of “Parental Discretion Iz Advised” they could do… “VC discretion Iz Advised”
Instead of “Alwayz into Somethin'” they could do… “Alwayz Into Dealflow”

Then perhaps add one new one… “I’m a billionaire bitches”

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  1. Yonathan Ayenew

    Haha! This is good!

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