An economists view on startups

It’s no secret I am a sociologist at heart and love economics or at least parts of economics as a result. I have been listening to Russ Roberts’ EconTalk podcast nearly every week for the last seven years. Not quite from the beginning but pretty close. I have grown as a thinker and ultimately have refined how I approach economic data and quantitative analysis as a result.

That said, some of the deeper details about the usefulness of econometrics isn’t for everyone so I won’t be offended if you think worse of me for being such a HUGE Russ Roberts fanboy. What is interesting is his trips out to the bay area that result in a bunch of EconTalk interviews with people from the startup ecosystem. Recently Russ had Sam Altman, the current overseer of Y Combinator on. Of course he did have Paul Graham (the last overseer of YC) on in the past, so this isn’t exactly a new behavior. For me, an active angel investor and lover of econtalk… this is great though. If you are on the startup/angel investor side of the equation, I’ve collected a few of the related interviews here for you to grab. If you are also an econ-nut… and you haven’t listened to any of the econtalk content, I hope this is a welcome introduction as well.

I recommend listening to all of them, there is a lot of insight you can gain when you’ve listened to all of these…


Bonus: One non-tech-startup interview that I really enjoyed recently:


There are some other great ones on deck that Russ will be posting so you may want to stick with it.

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