Investor pass rates

No one ever talks about this because it has so many negative connotations. In reality though all investors pass on way more opportunities than they invest in. Whether they’re investing in public or private companies, there is simply no way for every investor to be directly invested in every company and even when investors scope their investments to those of a particular type, they still can’t be invested in everything and are forced to select certain investments in their area of expertise.

If you’re a reader, you’re likely an investor and are likely passing on more possible investments than you are actually taking. So what is your average annual pass rate?

Out of X investments you seriously look at, you pass on Z companies. Z/X = Pass Rate

Perhaps it’s different for the different types of investing you do, my pass rate is different for public companies, private companies, and real estate (I don’t really invest in bonds, commodities, or currencies). Here’s mine…

  • Public investment pass rate = 90%
  • Private investment pass rate = 98%
  • Real Estate investment pass rate = 80%

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