Top 5 lessons from Peter Thiel’s book Zero To One

By now, I’m sure you’ve read the book Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Futureby the renowned Peter Thiel and Blake Masters. If you haven’t I want to highlight a few simple concepts from the book that Peter talks about as being critical to innovation and disruption. Whether you’re an investor or an entrepreneur… pay attention to these…

  1. Be contrarian, go so far as to challenge assumptions of basic ‘facts’ such as monopolies and competition of any industry or competitors.
  2. Big visions and plans are the only way to build big companies – incremental improvements and lean startups are an execution strategy, not a plan. What is your vision and plan… is it big enough?
  3. Ted Kazinski’s trifecta of goals (easy, medium, impossible). Easy goals are what everyone does. Medium goals are often overlooked, and those impossible goals (although ignored) are achievable. What Medium and Impossible goals are you including in your list?
  4. People who like to work together build better things. Even if they argue when they work… people who enjoy their company produce more.
  5. Even tech companies need sales – yes the dirty sales word… embrace selling the amazing thing that your team built to the most deserving of customers. Do it honestly and transparently… but you have to actually do sales.

I hope these five tips from Peter’s book improve your entrepreneurial or investing endeavors. If you want more insights from the best angel investors around the country sign up to be notified when my book is released and you’ll also get early pre-release content sign-up here.

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