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Startup Wealth is officially launched and There’s been an explosion of press lately about Startup Wealth… The explosion is because everyone wants to put their dent in the universe, to cast their shadow on the sun, to really make a change in the world and investing in early stage companies by necessity is investing in something that will become the future.There’s been a few great comments and reviews left already on sites like Amazon and GoodReads and I encourage you to do the same.

Number1_WealthManagementAt several points through the week the books been in the top 10 for Venture Capital and nearly in the top 10 for Wealth, Startups, and a few other categories. Not bad, considering the best book in the Venture is Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson’s 2012 book Venture Deals and all three versions take up the top three spots in the category. Seriously though, with the current sales and you sending this along to your friends and family, there’s no reason we can’t we’ve already hit the #1 Best Seller in Wealth Management (#16 as I write this), #4 & #5 in Venture Capital, #9 in Startups, #99 #20 in Finance, and that’s the low bar – I think we can do better.

Join me in sharing a few of these posts with your friends, even if you don’t think they’ll be interested. I promise you’ll learn lots by starting the conversation.

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Loads of great content out there about the book and I’m also going to be making a lot of appearances in the coming weeks, let’s connect and get you a signed copy of the book!

October 13th – Angel Dinner (Invite only in Seattle – ping me if you’re going and want me to bring you a copy)
October 19th & 20th – Stocktoberfest (tickets here – San Diego – I’ll have lots for sale)
October 27th – Seattle Startup Week – pick the brains of local investors
October 29th – New Tech Seattle
October 30th – Seattle Startup Week Office Hours
November 18th – Seattle Angel Conference keynote (tickets use code thesac6tc for a 34% discount)
December – Private corporate investment group (sorry)
January – Private investment group (sorry)
February – Capital Investment Network (February – private)

I hope you can make it out, if you’ve already purchased a copy I’d love to sign it. If you have eBooks… I have a special bookmark for you that I’ll sign as well and give to you as a gift!

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