New rules, new liquidity for private company stock

You may have read my recent article on TechCrunch. I worked with a couple of great lawyers here in Seattle Joe Wallin and John Myer (highly recommend them both) on the article. We dive into the new exemption created to empower founders, employees, and investors to sell private stock. In the past the exemptions available to sell private stock were more limited and these new regulations both open doors to for founders to sell shares more easily and access the wealth they’ve created.

Who might these entrepreneurs and investors sell their shares to you might ask? Yes they’ll sell to institutional investors and traditional angel investors. But the tools to open access to these investment opportunities and the rules around who can be an angel investor are rapidly changing. I partnered up again with my pal’s Joe and John to dive into the new law working its way through Congress to improve the accredited definition status. The landscape is rapidly changing and you can be a part of it.

I get that a few guest articles may not be enough to get you comfortable with investing in pre-IPO stock from companies about to exit the startupBook_Cover stage and enter the growth stage of business. To help the every day investor get up to speed on how they can invest in this asset class I’ve partnered up with another friend, Manny Fernandez and written a short book on investing in the pre-IPO market. The book is out now and is called How to Make Money Investing in Pre-IPO Stocks: An Investors’ Guide to Building Wealth in Private Companies and is for sale on Amazon today.

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