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5 Investing Lessons from Bill Gurley

As I have been researching what it truly takes to be a great angel investor I was referred to a few video interviews with Bill Gurley about his experiences on being a VC. I found it interesting as most of the things that Bill recommends as important to be a VC are not related to what is important to be an angel. For example he kicks things off early and talks about how success as a VC comes from starting early, being enthusiastic, and being good at sales. That makes sense for being a VC… but I don’t think it has anything to do with being a good angel. What it takes to be a VC   One great point that Bill makes about the difference between VCs and angels or bootstrappers is … Read entire article »

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5 Investing Lessons from Rudy Gadre

It has been a little while since I posted a new article in my series on Investing lessons from Venture Capitalists. Granted the investors I’ve profiled have moved well outside of the range of venture capitalists and include some great angel investors. As I’ve been participating more and more deeply in the angel community here in Seattle I am finding that the lessons I have pulled into these posts are even more relevant in my investing thought process than they have been in my public market investment thought process. Mostly because there are lots of other factors that can be controlled for in public investments while early stage investments have no ability to control certain things making the few things you can control even more important to focus on. I met … Read entire article »

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5 Investing Lessons from Mark Suster

On this quest to learn how the great VCs invest, I came across this video interview from January 2011 with Mark Suster and Mark Jeffrey (yes I’m jealous of Mark’s book series). The interview is titled – Going to Raise VC? Here’s a Primer on Process, People & PowerPoint Deck. I thought… meh – probably not a lot of investing lessons there, more operational stuff for entrepreneurs getting ready to walk into the doors of VCs. I saved the link back before I wrote the first installment of the series and tried to watch it three or four times since then. I finally had the opportunity to watch the video (it had nothing to do with the flight to Greece). I was impressed that there were some nuggets in there worth … Read entire article »

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The #1 Investing Lesson From Seth Levine

Seth recently wrote a blog post about the all the parties and events he is seeing in the startup industry, he rants and raves about the bullshit of the new tech bubble. It got me thinking though, what Seth was saying to all entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and investors is that the #1 thing to look at… the first bar that all investments should be able to hurdle is… Invest in great companies Now Seth doesn’t really qualify what a great company is or anything and only mentions the fact that investors are there to support people who are actually building great companies. This is different than the view that he indicates is becoming more common… that investors are just as hip as founders. Of course his evidence that investors think they are … Read entire article »

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5 Investing Lessons from Chris Dixon

Adding another one to the Investing Lessons from Venture Capitalist series. This time I am looking at Chris Dixon. Chris is a brilliant and interesting character, he shares pretty broadly on his blog and twitter account. He doesn’t usually get into too much depth on what he looks for in investments in general, but with enough patience there were loads of good places to find the lessons he has to share on investing. If it looks like a duck and acts like a duck You still better make sure it is a duck. As we found with the financial crisis of 2008 and as Chris mentions is a problem for a lot of Venture Capitalists, investing in something because it matches a derivative pattern that seems as though it has been successful does not … Read entire article »

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Investing lessons from Dave McClure

I was pleasantly surprised to see Jonathan Sposato channeling my investing lesson series in his new member-only series Startup Jedi. Great to see that people like to convey information this way and especially exciting that topics such as what the hell are startup investors looking for is interesting to more people than just me! I haven’t profiled Dave McClure yet, I have profiled some other interesting investors such as Howard Lindzon, Chris Sacca, Fred Wilson, Chris Devore, Jeff Clavier, and others on the way. I had previously avoided McClure as he comes across as such a loose cannon. At least the things that he appears to be investing in and the reasons he appears to be investing appear much more on par with a day trader than they do an investor. … Read entire article »

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Spray and pray investing

I came across this post by Dharmesh Shah titled Avoiding Undue Diligence: My Strange Approach To Angel Investing. I was of course intrigued by the title having spent a lot of time building this library of investing insights from venture capitalists and angel investors. I was surprised to find a nice neat list of investing nuggets laid out on the page like the ones that I extract from the many interviews and blog posts that I find from investors. The surprise of course was what I found after digging into Dharmesh’s advice. He had laid out a very nice spray and pray approach to angel investing. No follow-on investments I have heard a lot of people advise, but no due diligence? Seriously? Two guys walk into a bar, they make a good first impression … Read entire article »

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Investing Lessons from the World Financial Symposium

If you haven’t been following the series on investing lessons from venture capitalists, now is a good time to start. The latest in the series comes from some great insight that was provided at the World Financial Symposium here in Seattle. The question of course that everyone has next is what the hell is the world financial symposium and why is it in Seattle? Amazingly of course the angel investors on hand at the symposium generally had the same thought in response to the always outstanding question of why isn’t Seattle a bigger startup community? Regardless of the amount of angel and venture capitalist investment that happens in the region, there is an amazing amount of talent on the entrepreneur and investor sides of the table. Some of the lessons from … Read entire article »

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