Lunch 2.0 update

Quick update on the progress of Seattle’s first ever Lunch 2.0

Well first off, there are waaay to many people excited about this!! With the initial 25 person limit filled in the first couple of hours, we now have more then double that number trying to get in! Yes….we are trying to open it up to more people (btw, Lunch 2.0 is OPEN to EVERYONE), but you may just have to wait for the next one 🙂

Which means, yes there will be a next one! Maybe we’ll be at a larger facility overlooking Seattle…or maybe a pre scalability conference lunch in Kirkland or Seattle (fremont) for people who can’t make it to the weekend event (or for people who arrive a day early)…I’ve heard good things about the food at that company in Kirkland…Or maybe one of the other cool companies in Kirkland want to host? I have heard a few people ask for weekend lunches instead of weekday lunches (the weekday lunches were kind of the draw….you are at work and want free lunch….so go take your usual lunch break and check out another cool local company)….

….BUT I’m willing to accomodate the request, I am hooking up with Andru and the Mind Camp crew and we’re going to see if we can give you a free Sunday Brunch hosted @ Mind Camp (which means you don’t have to purchase MindCamp tickets or commit to attending the conference to get a feel for what the conference is all about – and get a free lunch-)…..Maybe these will spill over into lunches before the Ignite & Seattle Bizjam events that are coming up….

Are you doing something cool in the Seattle area and want to share it with your peers? email me!

As far as the details on the lunch next Friday? Well we’re talking food from Salumi’s (the Batali family deli….Mario Batali’s father runs it… that happens to be on the ground floor of Wetpaint’s building), Thanks to Eyejot!! I don’t know if you’ve had their food before….but it is YUMMY!

I am excited to hear from the Google webmaster team…what are you interested in hearing about that is happening around Seattle?

We are not sure if we’ll get Front Page Status like Jessica at the SF Chronicle provided for the LinkedIn lunch 2.0…but Brier, John, SeattleBlog, and anyone else…..feel free to come or comment on the event!!

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