Upcoming Seattle Lunch 2.0

You can always check out the how Lunch 2.0 got started video and the how Seattle got involved blog entry…or see all the pictures and drool over the giveaways at other lunch 2.0 events…

Or you can get off your haunches and get in on Seattle’s next Lunch 2.0 event!! Once again…hosted by one of your favorite local startups….and once again with a new type of venue and startup atmosphere.

We’ve seen what everyone thinks of as a typical Seattle startup….some capital, some neat product, a downtown loft, and trendy devs…..

Today we’ll see what everyone dreams of….the extremely well funded, highly creative product, skyscraper office setting, and a higher mix of suits to devs 😉

Now your all in for the treat to see what it would be like if you went out on your own…..followed your dream….and put together a startup on your own! Yes that’s right, we are talking working out of the house! Most startups I know have virtual offices from their homes….or in the case of the next company hosting….they rented a house on lower queen anne (so we can all easily pop in for a visit) without getting into the burbs! The feeling working from a home evokes is much different and we’ll get to enjoy our hosts typical home based (or garage if your building hardware) startup environment!

I know you can’t guess who’s hosting yet, so maybe the next clue will help….not only do you get to come hang out with your fellow Lunch 2.0’ers, chat about how GPL v3 is never going to go anywhere, or get a job with one of the other cool entrepreneurs I know are going, you get to also enjoy Max’s home made Italian food!!

Yes, it’s probably way to easy to guess now, Wishpot will be hosting the next Seattle Lunch 2.0 on August 3rd at the usual time (11:30am)!! Address is: 1114 2nd Ave N, 98109

I would highly recommend you try out the recipe on your own before attending to see if you come close to Max’s mastery 🙂 Of course nPost is going to let us relax with a few drinks (after all it is friday… and it is italian food) and we will once again get to experience Zenzui‘s delightful baking for desert! An all around summer picnic at Wishpot… with an interesting mix of innovative startups and seattle techies… What more could you Wish for?

RSVP: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/217715/

Regardless of whether your coming for gnomedex a few days later (btw, Ignite Seattle is the day before so there are loads of reasons to be here for a week), live here, or are in town visiting for another reason….you are INVITED! Of course the 50 person cap applies so you better be QUICK!!

You can always contact me if you want to get one of these community events sponsored at your place!!

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  3. Nathan Wagner

    I would be interested in attending the Lunch 2.0 in Seattle. I see a possible connection to Wishpot through bBoing.

    Please let me know if there is room for one more?

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