Congratulations to Opsware

Seems like ages ago, but I worked with the guys over at iConclude during their early days. The product was early but the vision and design was clear. Since then iConclude was bought by Opsware which was a great success for the team at iConclude. Now Opsware has been sold to HP!! They are getting tons of press and the stock is up ~36% after the $1.6b deal was announced ($14.25 per share – Thanks Marc, I made money too) . It will be interesting to see where the Opsware suite of products go in the datacenter space. It seems system automation is huge in both enterprise IT and in managed offerings (e.g. EMC’s hosted storage or MS’s hosted email). The key for these automation systems will be to penetrate both sides of the fence. With Google and MS going after the fat middle market with their hosted offerings the potential market is opening up in two directions….

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