Seattle Culture starting to show at Lunch 2.0

Lunch 2.0 @ Cardomain seemed like it was going to be just a lunch 2.0, nothing too extravagent or overly exciting.

ooh, Lunch 2.0

Then I learned a little more about the company (10 years old, founder funded, transformed itself into THE place to show of your ride online), got to meet the people (everyone from Rajan all the way down was overly excited about cars, people, and technology), and got to partake in their Seattle view of Lake Union.

Rajan and Brier

By far my favorite view of all the Seattle lunches from a personal perspective (I’ve grown up playing in boats on that lake, so it was a great backdrop for the event).

View of Lake Union

Of course Cardomain is in the Unionbay building and they worked out a deal to host the event upstairs in some of UnionBay’s space…. So it was cool to see the cloths and unique clothing culture that is so strong it could only be compared to a gaming companies decor.

UnionBay Soul

Greg over at Cardomain arranged from some of the best Indian Cuisine I’ve had in a long time. He also arranged to have a semi interview conversation between Rajan Krishnamurty & Brier Dudley of the Seattle times. The crowd got to participate and learn a little more about what it takes to build a community and what you need to think about when you have one. No it’s not about building the best technology or the most technically cool solution….. It is about what the community wants AND catering to the people in the community (why are they there, what purpose does the online forum serve to the people, what new features would make the community more interesting or useful to the people who naturally come to the community).


All in all…. An excellent lunch!!

Great place to eat

Now I really can’t wait for next week’s Lunch at Adobe!! Of course, John get’s my parking space there 🙂 and hopefully Mark introduces himself…

If it’s full or you missed it, don’t worry there will be a lunch in October and another special event in November. An alternative of course is nPost’s evening event on October 2nd.

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