Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Widemile – Today

Yeah!! Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Widemile is today @ 12:30… if you have signed up and are not going to make it fix your registration.. If you want to go and haven’t signed up yet, register or let me know!!

For everyone else, check out the details at the Seattle Lunch 2.0 wiki on parking, walking, and bus service for lunch today. Widemile, Portent Interactive, & Rylem have gone all out to provide some free organic lunch, a great set of talks, and some FUN!!

Rainer Square Conference Center

1333 5th Ave, 3rd Floor

Seattle, WA 98101

Come find me there for info on the next one!!

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  1. ian

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for inviting us. It was a great event, and I thoroughly enjoyed speaking.


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