Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ F5 was great

Wow, F5 really knows how to put on a party!! Of course they held back on the keg which would have been a nice addition (I guess we’ll have to go check out Avvo’s happy hour in a couple weeks for that though).

The room was great, pool table, pinball machines, etc…. and Scott Berkun was insanely riveting!! No one wanted to leave the room!! I guess everyone knows I’m all about the free promotion and Scott Berkun has my recomendation. He was engaging, funny, and extremely knowledgeable. The crowd was as usual intently involved in the conversation and we all definitely walked out of the room full and smarter. Of course a few of the free books he was giving away were great too! In fact, I already started reading The Myths of Innovation and I’m having a hard time putting it down (with it being under 200 pages I’m sure to have it done soon anyway).

Of course with all the excitement, the ability to take pictures again (coming soon), and a great community around here…. I got to announce the Seattle Lunch 2.0 Happy Hour @ Avvo!! This should be a great event, and one I wouldn’t want to miss! The limit on people is high again and there will be plenty of free food & drinks (so if your on a budget, why not make this event your small startup’s holiday party?!) Of course Avvo’s Mark Britton will be speaking which should be great to hear!

The invite is already up on and there are more details on the wiki!!

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  1. Joe Pruitt

    Thanks Josh, we had a great time and were glad to host the event. I’m just a bit bummed no one stayed long enough to join in a game of foosball. Oh, and that I didn’t get a copy of Scott’s book. I’ll have to try to wrestle it out of Jeff’s hands B-).

    Here’s a few pics that I took at the event:


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