Seattle Startups are fighting back!!

This guy I know started asking around about the Seattle Tech community and everyone started pouring out of the woodwork!! So did the VCs!! Of course there are a lot of interesting companies around and there has been a great buzz in the Seattle area waiting to really start showing off to the rest of the world our secrets. The usual suspects of funding, developers, and the love of technology are the drivers, and of course Seattle is doing things a little differently. You’ll start to see a lot more of the community getting together and showing off what we really have going on…. Like the Startup Weekend that I keep for getting to post about 🙂

Of course Zumobi is hosting a lunch 2.0 tomorrow (with door prizes, free tacos, free beer, and of course a lot of cool seattle tech community to meet)!! Unfortunately one Seattle Lunch 2.0 isn’t enough so blist is hosting an event in February…and the one after that is almost planned too! We still need Microsoft to host, and despite Google’s open house this week…. Google Seattle still needs to host one (as does Amazon and Real)!! The more big seattle tech companies to foot the bill the better…. so long as the small shops get a chance to show off their goods (even Buzz over at Activewords who has a cool product and no money to spend on events like this is going to show us his product and giveaway some licenses tomorrow)!!

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