Yeah!! Seattle Lunch 2.0 w/Big Fish Games

You read that right!! Seattle Lunch 2.0 @ Parker has announced the speaker!! Big Fish Games is going to come in and chat with the community about the cool gaming industry that happens to have a HUGE hub here in Seattle!!

With Parker hosting, we will be lucky to be close enough to the international district to have some Yummy Asian food….Some of the great crowd from that end of the city may even show up (amazon, watchguard, etc)

If the event is anything like the last event at blist…..

blist sign 2

The talk will be great…. and the crowd will be even greater!!!

Huge Crowd

Come check out the details to the event (I also got more seats opened up if you didnt’ get registered the first time!!)

For more details be sure to follow me on twitter and follow the lunch 2.0 feed!!

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