Seattle 80s Prom night!?

Alright, I have to admit…. I laughed out loud when I heard about this… but it looks like it’s for a great cause and of course the Bean folks always put on good events!!

So here’s the deal, Bean is putting on an 80s Prom to benenfit TGAL at Spitfire. Ann Vu is the main organizer of the event on May 17th from 9pm to 1am. The event looks like fun and is for a good cause which is always a good thing. There are usually a good number of Seattle young professionals at the Bean events so the people to meet should be good as well.

Despite the burning desire to get some Hammer pants and go to this thing… I have a release that weekend so will be knee deep in ensuring all of you can access your money on Monday morning. I know, lame excuse….but I am planning on going to the nPost Pub Crawl the night before (5/16 @ 5:30)!! No better way to prepare for a release than to grab Robin and go drinking with the local tech community!! Thanks for putting these on Nathan! Of course nPost will be twittering the next location and I’m sure I will be twittering too

If you really want to get crazy….I hear NetRiver is hosting folks at their datacenter with kegs of Guiness!!

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