Obey The Decider is progressing

Here is a quick update for Obey The Decider

A simple UI where you select the location from a simple list of Seattle neighborhoods has been developed. The UI looks usable for both a web interface and a phone form factor. In addition to the UI progress, the database schema has been defined, the appropriate controls have been identified, and the team is working to connect the different areas. Now that the Internet is back up here, the development of the yelp interface can proceed when time permits.

On the business side of things a few different potential revenue streams have been developed and need refining. Sponsorship coupons from shops, iPhone app purchase, and referral fees to other services that could use our consumers are all options at this point. Ads could be an option – but doesn’t seem to be a profitable choice so will be saved for later.

And the most important – we have contracted with a designer who is helping a few teams and soon we are hoping to have a logo!!

In difference to some of the other teams, our team is loosely organized. The skill sets have been clearly identified and the spec is a concept we have as a common understanding (this of course means it changes a little as we progress). This is great as things are progressing quickly and it won’t be long before we have a working prototype and allows us to contemplate Rails vs. PHP.

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