What to do with your Seattle 2.0 Award

As many of you know, at last year’s Seattle 2.0 Awards I won an award for Seattle Lunch 2.0. I was a bit honored. I didn’t expect to win anything when I started making the event happen. I didn’t want all this in return when I decided more of Seattle’s tech community needed to meet each other and check out the digs of their fellow startupers.

In short, I was unexpectedly suprised and proud when I won the Seattle 2.0 Award last year. I was so thankful to the community that I thought the award deserved a place in my home that was worthwhile of the honor. I immediately knew what to do with it…

Yes, a place in my bed was the perfect location!! No? I beg to differ…. I try so hard, dedicate so much time, that the fruits of my labor should be worthy enough to share my pillow.

For some reason Robin felt that I was sorely misguided and it was the fruits of her labor, the person she dedicates so much time to, that should share her pillow – It was then that I realized that the pillow my award was on was not her spot in the bed but mine… So, I reluctantly moved my award, searching for the perfect place. What was Seattle Lunch 2.0 about anyway? The life of the party, the place where the conversation really happens and the deal really gets done.

Aha!! I know…

The kitchen! What better place… there is food, there is wine, turns out, it is hard to clean after I make one of two dishes I know how to cook on the stove (pasta) – it ended up with red sauce and wine all over it and I am usually responsible for cleaning up after my cooking so, I had to move it.

This time I picked a place where someone else was doing the cleaning on a regular basis…

Yes, that’s right! Our son Quentin does the cleaning here. Plus I figured it would be a great place to show it off to guests – you come to pray to my porcelain god? Well bow down before my award! ok, it only lasted there 30min until it was moved again…

The kids were on vacation anyway so Robin or I would have ended up doing the cleaning. Of course with the kids gone, meals at the family table were lonely – so this location made perfect sense….

Another great way to show off the award, but when the Gabriel came home to find the award in his seat he wondered what that meant for his future, we had to move it again. I searched and searched, it had been through a lot. A long journey and we were both getting tired of finding a place. This time I knew the Seattle 2.0 Awards 2010 were coming up, I also knew that Seattle Lunch 2.0 (being the awesome event that it is) had another shot at getting strong support if not a win. I had to find a place where a few of these things could go….

So, I found a nice place – made room for six of them behind it. Then I took another snapshot, posted, and crossed my fingers and hoped that I was still providing enough value to the Seattle Tech Community to be worthy of another.

Thanks for all of the support, thanks for putting on the event Marcelo, and thanks to the Seattle Tech Community for being great (even if we hold you to your reputation)!!

Oh, don’t forget to vote for Seattle Lunch 2.0 on April 12 and attend the awards ceremony on May 19th!!

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