Lots of new Seattle Lunch 2.0 content

We’ve been having a few great Seattle Lunch 2.0 events lately and they are definitely a blast!! A few people have been asking me about being able to get in (some of the events fill up the same day)… Some people are asking to get in so that they can meet people, while others are asking to get in so that they can hear the talks…

Recently I started recording the talks at the events, so folks at least have an idea about what went on and where the various speakers were at when the event happened. I want to include a couple here and will start to post them more regularly soon…

Here is the first one – from today Seattle Lunch 2.0 Happy Hour @Symform

Here is another recent event. This one is Seattle Lunch 2.0 @BlueBoxGrp w/Untitled Startup

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