Brace For It

For all of you who are interested in the status of my arm surgery. After eight weeks of wearing braces on my arm, I have finally been released of all braces and am 80% of the way back to full rotation!! Needless to say typing is easier, sleeping is easier, and of course I have permission to go for runs again so am slowly ramping back up and letting my legs remember how fun running can be.

Ok, so that sounds pretty boring – blah blah – getting my arm brace off is way more exciting to me and all the people who are tired of me whining about my discomfort. The cool thing is that in talking with the Doc, I found out that not only was my case presented at a big lecture, my surgeon will be using my case in an upcoming class this March! Yup, you remember all of those case studies you got in college when you were presented with some off the wall scenario and had to think through the scenario – That will be me, I’ll have my gorgeous X-Rays displayed to the class before, during, and after my surgery!

Definitely excited that my situation will help people in the future and hopefully will prevent someone from dealing with the pain for years as I did.

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