TechCafe Lunch @Zillow

Have you thought about taking your startup public, dreamt of developing a great application or platform and going all the way to IPO? Over here at TechCafe we talk to loads of engineers, entrepreneurs, and community members who have been working on startups for years and never had the opportunity to go public. Usually the exits around here are filled with fizzles and acquisitions which are great ways to exit and prepare for the next adventure.

That elusive IPO though, where we start to wonder if we can really call the startup a “startup” any longer and if the culture and product direction become inundated with needs to make Wall Street happy. It is intriguing and we are lucky to have a great company and community member share their recent experiences with taking their startup public.

If you recall, the second TechCafe ever was over at Zillow – at the time they were no where near IPO ready and we talked about the technology, development, and fundraising at the event. Now we are going to head back over there and see how the IPO has affected those same aspects of their business.

Spencer Rascoff will talk about building a company with the intent to take it public – what it takes to get there, and what to anticipate after the event. There will be a number of Zillow’s engineering staff on hand to talk about what impact this has on the product side. If you want to start prepping your questions now for Spencer, his twitter handle is @spencerrascoff.

If you are looking to host at your place, demo your product, or want to sponsor an event let us know.

When: August 16 11:30AM – 1:00PM

Where: Zillow’s Offices

What: Lunch and a conversation


Looking forward to seeing you at the event!

The TechCafe Team

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