The Definition of Running at Ignite 18

Happy New Year’s Eve!!

TheĀ video from my Ignite 18 talkĀ is finally posted! Here is the video from the talk I gave earlier this year about The Definition of Running. Yes the book is still on the way out. It is moving slowly at the end here, but expect that it will be out soon enough. In the meantime, I tried to distill all the information into a concise 5 min talk… I’m sure the book is better than the talk but if you wanted to see the talk as well – here it is:

The talk itself was fun to deliver and giving it at Town Hall Seattle was a particular treat! Usually Town Hall Seattle attracts big names from Seattle (like the Mayor – oh wait, I opened the Ignite Seattle session where he spoke) and across the country like Daniel Pink so it was pretty awesome to get on stage and give a talk there. In case you are curious the Mayor’s talk was pretty good as well. In fact all of the other speakers were great and I encourage you to have a look at the other videos.

The format was interesting, I have given a lot of talks before, but none with the slides auto-rotating and the clock counting down with such preciseness. I’ll admit, I lost my place a couple of times and had to check the monitor to see exactly where I was in relation to the rest of the talk. It is interesting because with all talks, there is a point where the speaker gets excited or the crowd laughs or really just anything happens that causes the talk to get off of the timing. Usually these seconds and minutes that the talk is off the mark are made up ad-hoc as the talk moves along. With the Ignite format there is no room for getting off track (even if you plan to have room in your talk).

Needless to say, the challenge was fun and the exercise of putting the thoughts from my book into a presentation before the book is 100% complete was awesome and is admittedly part of the reason the book is taking longer. I would love any feedback on the content of the talk and encourage all of you to consider giving a talk yourself at the next Ignite!

UPDATE: 02-08-2013 – I don’t know why I didn’t add this earlier, here are the slides as well – definitely interested in feedback!

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