Letters to my kids – leadership

Third in the series letters to my kids

Hey guys,

I came across this list of lessons that definitely come from life experiences. I personally have learned these lessons and thinking back on some of my career decisions when I was younger, if I knew and believed these lessons were true I could have rapidly accelerated better decision making and been able to do a lot more with my career.

While I have gotten better with most of these such as focusing on the people and relationships, looking at my business endeavors as long term marathons, and handling screw ups and moving forward after screw ups. I still struggle with some of these such as finding mentors, focusing on a smaller number of projects, and asking for help. I hope that you boys can save this list as you go through school and start your careers. If you refer to it every year or so and reflect on how well you leverage these lessons you will be much further ahead than even most executives in the world.



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  1. Marcus-Hiep

    Great posting, Josh. And even blogs can be a form of mentorship. I have known you nearly a decade. When I first met you at a previouis employer, I had a sense that you had a lot of potential and were very selfless, concerned not only about yourself, but about others. I look forward to you being an informal mentor… through meeting you at events and reading your blogs. And I wanted to add that mentors can also fallback on pupils… if you ever need anything, be rest assured you can seek out me or many of your readers/followers… and those you have met will be there.

    Regards… Marcus-Hiep

  2. Joshua Maher

    Thanks for the kind note, don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any specific questions.

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