Letters to my kids – taking the blame

Hey guys,

I saw this article – Why you should take the blame – and wanted to share it with you. Think about this – here is a blog post from Harvard about the difficulty that people have in accepting failure and fault. Harvard – one of the most respected schools in the world trying to convince their students and alumni that they should learn to take the blame for things. Can you imagine, the amount of money they spent going to Harvard and they still couldn’t figure out this important behavior!

An enterprising young lad would jump all over this and master the art of accepting the blame because that is something that would set them apart from one of these Harvard grads who never learned the skill. Future business partners would say…

Yeah Bob graduated from Harvard but he always blames everyone, Mr. Maher on the other hand accepts failure and moves the team forward – I’d rather work with Mr. Maher at least I feel like he’s honest.

I’m certainly not saying accepting the blame for failure and being willing to fail are the only things that will set you apart. I am also not saying that people won’t exclude you if you didn’t go to Harvard or a similar school. I am saying that in comparison to someone else with similar skills and talents, personality and the behaviors you choose to have are the things that set you apart from your peers. You have to work on being good at the behaviors just as much as you have to work on being good at the skills to set yourself apart from the rest.

Love, Dad

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