Letters to my kids – do things

I haven’t posted any of my letters to my kids in a while, I’ll try to get a few out soon. This is the ninth in the series

Hey guys,

There is a lot of technical jargon in this post by Matt Swanson… but there is one interesting piece of wisdom that I’d like to point out. This no name guy who spends his day behind a computer coding got to talking about the cool things he was building in the world and people found him and wanted to hear more.

Let me put that another way – if you do really great stuff (build great software, make great music, etc.) and you tell people about it (write blogs about it, tell people at parties, play at music venues, etc.) you will run into people who care. It may not be everyone… but you will find people who care. You’ll notice the entire world is not on this guy’s website to see what he has to say. But the people that are on the site are there because he is doing cool stuff and is willing to share.

You should think about what great things you are going to do in life and how you are going to share them with the world too.



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