Letters to my kids – fake courage

Tenth in the series – letters to my kids


Hey guys,

I saw this article by Jason Freedman and thought it was perfect as I know I am probably the worst at giving this guidance… I don’t look you in the eye every time we talk, I slouch, I mumble sometimes. Ok I do all that stuff a lot – regardless though, I recognize those are my shortcomings and I’m working on them. They are presentation things though and shouldn’t be mistaken for a lack of courage or a lack of willingness to appear courageous. I still take on big projects (usually way more than I can handle), yet I do eventually come out on top. Nathan Kaiser told me once early in our friendship that he like to fake it until he makes it and we all know that he is one of the best at both displaying courage and being successful at making it in the things he faked at first.

So read through the guidance and don’t be afraid to fake it a little. You can be the tiger if you want to be.

Love, Dad

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