Solutions to problems

OMG! My new neurologist recommended I check this out after I told her my long Orthopedic surgeon story…

If you’ve ever needed a better example of a hammer looking for a nail… construction workers and orthopedic surgeons may just bet the winners. After typing up my article about understanding the problem, this is definitely hilarious – and humor is good.

One thing to think about for all of you entrepreneurs and investors out there… It is sometimes incredibly difficult to tell when someone his walking around with a solution looking for a problem. They may have already spent a lot of time figuring out how the solution will fit the problem they are telling you about. They may even have evidence to provide you that the solution fits the problem. They can also describe how their past experiences at implementing solutions like this will make them incredibly successful this time. In other words all signs point to a positive outcome. These are often the hardest things to filter out because there is a great team, great product/market fit, great passion/obsession/intention, and a plausible set of situations where the outcome could be great. At the end of the day though… there are risks that the solution isn’t the right one and sometimes you can find that out by asking the right questions as in the case below. Sometimes though you’ll never know until you try it (as I think was my case).

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