Investors are better than analysts

We all know that analysts have a lot of alternate interests… company politics and company business models being the two primary alternate interests that analysts must weigh when publicly talking about companies they cover on behalf of their firm. So what would things look like if those same analysts put their skills analyzing companies like true investors?

Well the best go become money managers of some kind, that takes time though to build a reputation. What can analysts and investors alike do in the interim to show their prowess and truly practice analyzing company data? Leigh Drogen of Estimize has some clear answers in the interviews below.

What is interesting is the anonymous crowd is just as interesting if not more interesting than the non-anonymous crowd. Granted I am an investor in Estimize… but the thing that is interesting here is what Estimize is doing by turning the financial information stream around. Thinknum is another example that I missed investing in. They enable full models to be uploaded and compared (a little more in-depth and potentially problematic). I’d like to see them succeed though as open information in the financial industry is incredibly important when it comes to wealth distribution. Access to basic valid information is key in a world where rhetoric and salesmanship are usually the only factors that come into investment decisions.

Leigh on CNBC:

Leigh Drogen and Vivek Wadhwa on Fox talking $TWTR earnings estimates:


Finally Leigh on Fox talking $YHOO, $EBAY, & $GOOG:


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