Startup success and learning to hustle

Following up to my post on Econtalk and his recent series on startups and investing, I’ve really been enjoying James Altucher’s podcast series. Some of them are boring for sure and others are more interesting for different people. Here are a few though that I find interesting either because of the guest on the show or because of how James interviews the guest.

By now you can guess that I like podcasts where an interview takes place and the interviewer is an important aspect of that. James has a good style, provides context, and obviously knows the area they are discussing to some extent. The type of content is much different though between Russ & James – Russ can be much more technical and discuss major academic issues as well as major macro trends. At the same time Russ is able to peel back the onion a little bit with his guests and allow the listener to get to know them a little. James is able to peel back the onion as well yet he discusses more about what the interviewee has done with their lives and discusses the major events, milestones, or decisions that shaped what his guest has accomplished.

My top six favorite podcasts for startupers and investors include:

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