Are you really an accredited investor?

Updated, see the live blog here – recommendations were approved by all but Hester Pierce.

Tomorrow… October 9th, the SEC is discussing the recommendation of the investor as purchaser subcommittee on the definition of accredited investor. That means they are discussing whether or not you and your friends will remain accredited investors for long. The full list of what is being discussed is in this PDF.

The agenda has a bunch of things on it, but the key item for our interests are at 10:45-11:15AM Eastern. Joe Wallin has more details on his blog and both Joe and I will be Liveblogging the discussion (yes that’s 7:45-8:15AM Pacific). I’ll add a link to the Liveblog location to this post when it is all setup and of course tweet it out as well.

For those of you who want to watch for yourself, we’d love to have you participate in the conversation. Head over to the SEC’s webcast page in the morning for links to sign-on to the webcast.


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