What’s left to crowdfund?

Crowdfunding is capturing a lot of markets and here in Washington state we’ll soon have intrastate crowdfunding sites for the unaccredited investor. What’s going to be left over and open for crowdfunding disruption?

Let’s start with the things that are already available on crowdfunding platforms…

  1. Real Estate (via sites like RealtyMogul and others)
  2. Startups (via sites like AngelList, DreamFunded, and others)
  3. P2P Lending (via sites like prosper & LendingClub)
  4. Franchise financing (via sites like Apple Pie Capital)
  5. Legal cases
  6. Hedge Funds
  7. Infrastructure (via taxes)
  8. Safety net (via taxes)
  9. Gifts (via https://www.giftstarter.co/)
  10. Charities

What other alternative investments are out there that could be crowdfunded?

  1. Web businesses (via sites like QuietLight & Flippa) – crowdfunded buyout anyone?
  2. Buying physical gold, art, and so on – want to share a pound of gold?
  3. Oil & Gas – let’s go in on a drill together!
  4. Movies
  5. Movie stars
  6. College education (they repay you after they graduate at a small return)
  7. Non-publicly traded alternative securities (SPVs, CMBS, etc.)
  8. Other forms of revenue based financing (also known as factoring)
  9. Venture debt (although you can invest publicly)
  10. Insurance premiums

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  1. Juan Pastás

    banking platforms

  2. Josh Maher

    I like this idea – what would a crowdfunded bank look like?

  3. Nima Kaz

    Good stuff Josh. Have you checked out CircleUp for equity investments in consumer products? Really cool with some Corporate Venture partners on board already…

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